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Trying to clean your carpet without any outside help is a very brave thing for you to attempt, and there is a pretty good chance that it would take so much out of you that you would never want to do it again. However, it might be useful for people to do this once in a while so that they can see the problems that improper cleaning methods might potentially cause. One thing that you would notice is that your carpet is sticky, and if this occurs after having hired someone that has expertise in the field suffice it to say that you have been scammed or perhaps the person that you hired was not as experienced as they say they were.

This is because of the fact that a sticky carpet is a sign that the cleaning was not done the right way. The truth of the situation is that most Humble carpet cleaning companies will never leave your carpet sticky at all. It might be damp, but once it is dry it will be fluffy and completely devoid of any kind of adhesive properties.

A carpet can get sticky if the soap used to clean it was not properly rinsed out. Noticing stickiness in your carpet should necessitate you bringing out a steam cleaner and using it along the fibers. This steam cleaner will suck the soap particles back up and you can start enjoying your carpet again once it’s done. There is no other reason for your carpet to be sticky if it has just been washed because the cleaning process gets rid of all of the other chemicals in it that would have caused such an effect.