Kratom which is also known as Mitragyna speciosa belongs to the coffee family and it comes from a evergreen tree which has its origins belonging to South East Asia. Kratom is a local to many countries like Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and New Guinea. It has been used as a form of traditional medication from the start of 19th century. Kratom is known to possess stimulant and opioid qualities.

While there aren’t comprehensive studies that certify the benefits which as a result of using Kratom as a form of medicine, people around the world still consider it there treatment of choice for common chronic pains and some consider it as a recreational drug. There are many online retailers in different countries that are selling Kratom like While those who have used Kratom as a form of treatment do consider it efficacy, there are cases in which people have reported side effects by its use.

Many of the cultures around the world who use Kratom as a form of traditional medicine, consume the tree leaves by chewing them to rid muscular pain, increase in energy, sexual libido enhancer and a mean to increase appetite. The effect of Kratom is known to be that of Cocoa and Khat. Kratom leaves could be used to extract powerful therapeutic compound which can help reduce pain and treat wound as a form of anesthetic.

When properly diluted and formulated Kratom extract could also be used for gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea and stomach virus, cough and other stomach related infections. Due to its bitter taste and grainy texture, the powdered form of the Kratom leaves are usually combined with a sweetening agent to make it less bothersome and more appealing. While the benefits are there, the side-effects of Kratom should also be taken into account. Therefore, any usage of large quantity of Kratom should be considered only after coordination with medical health professionals.