For a very long time people from certain cultures thought that the only way in which you could live life was to enter some kind of a monogamous relationship with someone or the other who you feel suits your personality and would be able to contribute to your lifestyle by giving you a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction with regards to where you might be at that point. As cultures started to be shared due to rising globalism, a new way of being in relationships started to form and this is called polyamory.

This basically means that you would be in a relationship with more than one person, and lots of different kinds of polyamorous relationships exist. The throuple is the most common one, and it basically means that three people are in a relationship with each other. This might sound odd to some people but the fact of the matter is that it actually works for many that take part in it, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they are not going to be responsible for one person’s entire happiness but much on the contrary would have a group that they can rely on which can actually be quite nice.

The website is a great resource if you are struggling to maintain a relationship and want some advice that can point you in the right direction. Most relationships that people have are not optimized in such a way that they feel happy with them. You don’t have to conform to anyone’s idea of an ideal relationship if you don’t want to, instead you can find your own way.