Intel has been selling it’s hyper-threading CPUs like hot cakes for over a decade now. This technology just perfectly worked for many people as some flaws and errors that appeared in Windows 2000 and Windows XP were fixed by some important updates.

A major Hyper-Threading flaw has now been discovered in Intel’s new Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs, the flaw can cause your system to behave improperly, corrupt your data, or even crash unexpectedly. This issue was first reported as verified by some of the major community forums. You can go to a valuable article via this link to read the features of Kaby Lake in detail.

Any Ways to Fix The Flaw?

Yes, there are two ways in which you can fix this flaw. One is, obviously, disabling the hyper-threading altogether to get rid of the error.

The second fix isn’t really in your hands. It basically means living with the flaw and waiting for your motherboard manufacturer to release a new BIOS update that includes the fix for this problem. This is an easier method, but requires more patience. Depending on your motherboard manufacturer, the update might already be out, so, check out some online forums to conform.

More Details of The Problem

Apart from the motherboard manufacturers, Intel itself has released some new microcode updates to fix the issue, but the code needs to be integrated into the board’s UEFI to work properly and avoid any further flaws. While the issue is irritating and must be fixed as soon as possible, it doesn’t affect any software running on your computer.

Should You Even Upgrade in The First Place?

You should definitely try this new, updated and power efficient CPU by Intel, there’s so much for you to explore and enjoy. However, the choice is completely yours.