history of San Macros

San Marcos is a historic town with lots of tourist attractions which attract lots of people from across the globe every year. San Marcos has many different types of experiences for everyone visiting the town.

While some of the tourist attractions are common, there are many things in San Marcos which you can only do here. These things are the only reason why San Marcos doesn’t have any alternative.

So, here are some things you can only do in San Marcos. You can click this to learn more about the topic.

You Can Enjoy Glass Bottom Boats

San Marcos has a beautiful lake named  Spring Lake. The lake is known for its clear water and beautiful underwater ecosystem. So, you can enjoy seeing the underwater ecosystem in a glass-bottom boat in the Spring Lake. This is a great way of enjoy seeing the lake’s bottom without getting wet.

Glass-bottom boat tours run for 30 minutes, and there’s a lot you can see within that small time period.

Watch Unicycle Football

Yes, you read it right. You can see unique unicycle football matches being played in San Marcos. This is a type of Football which is played while you’re also balancing using a unicycle. The rules in this game are the same as flag football, with some changes. Players play by snatching flags from other players, or they can also knock off other from unicycles. There’s a league which is played in the August to April time.

This is actually a very competitive and entertain sport which you can enjoy while visiting San Marcos. You can try learning the game as well.

You Can Visit a Cave Formed By Earthquake

While the place is better known for its water related things, there’s also a large web of caves which extend below the ground level. The Balcones Fault Line Cave is America’s only cave formed due to earthquake. You can take a guided tour in the cave as well.