There are only a few people in the entire world who can say that they don’t own or have never wore a t shirt. T shirt is one of the most popular things worn equally both by men and women. Your T shirt is basically a blank canvas on which you can get any print of your liking.

For bikers, a t shirt can even be one of the core items in their wardrobe. Most of the bikers get high quality biker t-shirts made for them and decorate their wardrobe with those t shirts. If you are looking to buy a t shirt as well, here are the things that contribute to a great t shirt.

Seam Positioning

Positioning for the t shirt seams is very important of the overall fit. When you try a t shirt, it’s side seams and shoulder seams should not drop forward too much. You should also manually examine to see if the seams are straight or not.

Seam shifting can make your t shirt look dull and unappealing on you. If you already have t shirts with this issue, you can get the t shirt modified by a skilled sewer.

Uneven Color

Usually when buying uncolored t shirts, you’ll assume that every part of them would be of the same color. However, this isn’t always the case. In many cases, the color of a uncolored t shirt may also vary. So, look out for t shirts that have this issue.

A good quality t shirt always has an even color all over.

Sewing Flaws

The fabric used in t shirt manufacturing process usually gives rise to the skipped stitches problem. This, in turn, also gives rise to seam issues. You must avoid buying Rear Tone Biker T-Shirts with these issues.