Dental implants are the most preferred alternative that allows the dentist to replace missing or damaged teeth. These are metal frames that are inserted underneath the gum via surgery and acts as a replacement for roots. They function to provide support for bridges, crowns and dentures. Implants that are associated with attached crowns have gained most popularity because it the most preferred alternative to treat tooth loss rather than dentures. Furthermore, what set dental implants apart from dentures is that apart from acting as a long-lasting replacement for broken tooth, it also acts as a restorative technique needed to stimulate natural bone.

Apart from this, there are other reasons that make dental implants win the battle between dental implants and dentures.

More Comfortable to Wear

Since dental implants are designed in a way that they resemble the original teeth, therefore they look, feel and act like the natural teeth. It is for the same reason that implants allow the user to eat, smile and even laugh more openly and comfortably because they do not have the fear of a denture falling out. For people considering similar implants for them, looking out for dental implants La Mesa in La Mesa, California can help them find a suitable option.

Better Ability to Chew

A cheaper alternative; dentures cause the inconvenience to eat and chew and offer poorer bite as compared to much efficient and comfortable dental implants. One of the many issues related to dentures is the difficulty to chew leafy stems, fibrous foods or harder foods such as meat which ultimately causes people to be deprived of some useful nutrients.

From making it easier for geriatrics to eat, talk and laugh more easily to making it less comfortable to carry, dental implants are gaining substantial popularity due to such various reasons despite their higher cost as compared to dentures.