Before anything else, you need to know what an IMEI checker is. You might have come across this term many times without knowing its exact meaning. The IMEI is a serial number that is used by phone companies in order to track your phone’s status. With this number, the original carrier of the phone can decide whether the phone should be on their network base or not.

The IMEI is unique, as a different number is assigned to each smart phone. Each produced iPhone gets its own sixteen or fifteen digit number, which is the identifier code.

So why should an IMEI checker be used? This checking service finds out information about your phone. This is a reason why you should get the IMEI number from whomever you purchase the phone from. This will help you fining information about the phone and its previous carrier before purchase. If you find out that the hone is blacklisted, it would safer to not buy it.

The IMEI checker will display information like; the serial number, locked carrier, the purchase date, whether it is blacklisted and the warranty history. For iPhone users, there are certain ways of finding the IMEI. Most phones have a very simple method to it; you simply dial a number and the IMEI comes up instantly.

This is the fastest and most reliable way to get the IMEI in one go. The IMEI number is usually printed on the back side of the iPhone, in the SIM tray. However, the SIM tray is changeable so it is better to double check the number on it with the number in the settings of the phone.

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