survival water filter

Those who head out on adventures such as hiking and camping out in the wild know the importance of preparation and that includes mental and physical preparation as well as having the right equipment with you. Staying hydrated is really important especially when you are out in the open and exposed to heat and everything that might wear you down and you don’t have a running supply of water, having a portable water filter will help you clean water out in the wild, water you get from ponds, river, river runoff or roof run off, now this water isn’t clean, the ponds could be filled with all sorts of bacteria, and even the river water which flows fast and is considered clean might have different impurities and you wouldn’t want to consume that without filtering it, portable water filter saves lives in such situations.

One has to remove dangerous contaminants from water, it could be bacteria, viruses or chemical waste which might be in the water because someone somewhere is spilling chemical waste in the water and you don’t know anything about it, portable water filters are the only viable solution for it. It is best that you buy a lab tested 0.1 macron water filter which is very capable of filtering bacteria and viruses that are present in the water, unfiltered water can take your life and with a small investment you can ensure that you always consume filtered water and stay safe even when you are out in camping.

You should select your type of water filter depending upon the type that you would want to carry, if you are going for small, portable and lightweight survival water filter then you should buy a good quality In-line water filter.