3 domains and 6 kingdoms

Looking for the right domain name before making a website is a crucial process. If you fail to choose a good domain name in the start, it can become really difficult for you to switch to a suitable name later on.

So, choosing the right domain name from the get go is very important. However, we know that thinking for a creative brand name can be really tough when you’re just starting out.

So, follow this guide to find the best domain name ideas for your new website.

Use .com Extension

There are lots of different domain name extensions available these days. These extensions include .com, .xyz, .net and so on. However, .com is by far the most well known and popular extension, and you should also choose this to start with.

The .com domain are recommended because they are easily memorable to the visitors.

Do The Research Properly

Searching for a domain name shouldn’t have to be a pain in the ass. There are lots of free platforms that allow you to search for the availability of domain names.

So, when searching for a suitable domain name, try using the keywords you’ll be building your brand around. This is a great way of telling Google what your website is about. Try buying a domain name that has one of your keywords inside it.

Keep It Short

When buying a domain name, try to remain short and sweet. You don’t want to invest in an overly long name that’s very hard to memorize. Try and keep the domain name under 15 characters, as beyond this length, things start getting harder to remember.

Try Buying Expired Domains

With an expired domain, you can use its SEO value and rank directly in the building of your new brand. This eliminates most of the hardships that come in ranking the site properly. Explore platforms like https://www.3ptechies.com/ to buy some good expired domains.