No one in his/her sane mind needs telling that how dangerous smoking is to our health, the list of diseases attached to the intake of tobacco is long and most of these diseases prove to be fatal and the worst part is that the impact it has on a human body is slow and painful, it kind of decays the human body from inside out and one struggles with all sorts of medical issues, every year countless number of people lose their battle against such diseases and hence lose their life, it is reported that an estimated 500k people die of tobacco related diseases every year in the United States,

Vaping has been identified as one effective tool in helping people quit smoking, the e-cigarettes which were initially introduced were never as effective as the new vapes, vaping is something which has been around for a while and it has gone through its rough patch as there was a time when it was widely criticized and sometimes unfairly as well, since more people than ever were looking to buy vapes it created a good demand and that meant there would be a number of manufacturers and not all of these are quality driven, and some of the brands never gave much importance to the safety, the vapes did not live to up the expectation and safety standard and hence the reputation suffered a lot.

In the past couple of years, some top manufactures have come up with great flavors and designs which meet the safety requirements, nicotine salt juice is one vape flavor which is quite a common preference and if you try it you would know why people really like this unique flavor.