junk removal prices

When you have garbage piling up in your house after a deep yearly cleanup, you’ll need to hire a junk removal company to get rid of that garbage. Hiring a junk removal company is highly recommended since you might not have the time, money and resources to haul the garbage away by yourself.

However, you should ask the San Jose junk removal company some important questions before hiring them. Below mentioned are some of the most important questions you should ask your potential junk removal company prior to hiring them.

What Type of Junk Do You Deal With?

Junk removal companies often have a list if garbage items they haul, and a list of the ones they don’t. You might encounter companies who don’t haul away large electronic items like fridge and TV. Some might not agree on hauling away things like furniture items and mattresses. So, no matter what junk removal company you hire, you should make sure that they haul away almost every items present in your junk.

Ask If They Recycle The Junk or Not

It is very important that the junk removal company you hire recycles the junk they pick up from your house. It is very important for the wellbeing of the environment.

So, before you hire a junk removal company, you should make sure that they will recycle the waste they pick up from your house. They should also donate and repurpose the items they can’t recycle.

Ask If Their Pricing Policy is Transparent

One of the most important thing to get out of the way before hiring a junk removal company is their pricing policy. You should ask them if their pricing policy is transparent, or there are some hidden costs.

Once the price is finalized, you should get everything in writing before hiring them.