my metal business cards

People that are unfamiliar with business cards and the like might not know this but the fact of the matter is that business card durability is a major concern for the industry. Some suggest that durability should be boosted through the use of stronger material, but there is a pretty good chance that this would drive up costs which makes it unfeasible. Others try to indicate that changing the shape or structure of the business card might be a smarter way to make it more durable, and there is definitely quite a bit of mileage to this idea.

This is because of the fact that studies on Metal Cards Info have shown that rounded edges can help prevent quite a bit of damage from happening to the business cards in question. The truth of the situation is that the pointed edges can get bent which takes a lot out of the general structural integrity of the card that you are currently holding on to. If the edges are rounded, there won’t be any corners to bend.

Bent corners very quickly start to damage the rest of the card. Getting rid of them also ends up making less paper required for their printing, something that makes them both more cost effective as well as more environmentally friendly. Suffice it to say that this is an all purpose solution that many more people in the industry should start looking into. It can change the way people interact with business cards and might give you the chance to distribute them a bit more freely since you would know that the chances of any kind of damage occurring would now be rather minimal.