The number of rooms that you would ideally want to have in your home would largely be predicated on how many family members you have. If you are single or you are living with a romantic partner or any other individual relative, there is a pretty good chance that you’d be able to do just fine with a one to two bedroom dwelling. However, in situations where you and your spouse have given birth to a set of children, a two bedroom house can seem rather stifling to say the least.

The truth of the situation is that you need a bare minimum of three bedrooms once you have kids, and the Jebel Ali Village Nakheel community has a wide range of villas that are more than capable of servicing these needs. This gated community has the added advantage of personal swimming pools and a level of security that the kings and emperors of bygone eras would have given half of their realms for. One thing that you might want to learn before you buy a three bedroom villa in Dubai is what the going rate is. This is because of the fact that knowing the price beforehand lets you save up for it accordingly without any undue stress or anxiety.

The fact of the matter is that Dubai is a distinctly expensive place for real estate, so you should keep a figure of four to five million dirhams in mind. That comes up to about one to two million dollars which is reasonable when you consider just how luxurious these residential dwellings can be. This community also has service providers on staff to help you out.