Typically, iMessage can only be used by Apple users; those who use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac and there’s no version for the feature to be used on Windows. However, there are certain tools that allow a window user to operate iMessage on their personal computers or laptops. In this way, if a person does not have access to their iPhone or Apple device, they can still check their iMessage on their PCs.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one way to use iMessage for Windows 10. It is one plug-in for Google Chrome browser that lets two computers to share one common screen and in this way an iMessage can be checked on windows while being connected to Mac.

To use the chrome remote desktop tool, once the browser is downloaded, the plug-in is added to both the computer and MAC. Then, the plug in host installer is installed on the MacBook and code is received on it. This code is then added to Windows’ plugin to display Macbook on windows PC.

iPadian 2

This method is for those individuals who do not own a Macbook and can receive iMessage on Windows. iPadian 2 is itself an iOS emulator that can imitate the iOS technology on the Windows computer. To use iPadian, the program is downloaded, installed and launched on PC. From its app store, iMessage is downloaded and then it can be used just like any iOS user.


This method requires jailbreaking the iOS device and has two drawbacks. First is that the new versions of iOS does not allow the iPhone to be jailbroken. The second is that jailbreaking is a risky procedure and cause misconfiguration, corruption of firmware or hardware issues that can result in non-functioning on the phone.