Electric scooters are becoming more popular by the day, and more people are buying them after realizing the benefit of having an electric scooter in their lives. While the concept looks cool, and people are willing to buy them, hardly anyone knows how to choose the perfect electric scooter according to their needs and budget.

Here are some of the basic things that you’ll need to know if your are to buy a good electric scooter.

Let’s Categorize Them First

Depending mainly on their price, we can make different categories of electric scooters to make things easily understandable.

  • Budget scooters are usually sold for less than $300. They aren’t recommended for daily or even extensive usage. Rather, you can use them for light recreational purposes. When you’re going with scooters in this category, you should expect the battery to be of a lower capacity, weak brakes, insufficient power in the motors and so on. However, they are mostly a good bang for the buck when it comes to using them just for fun.
  • Budget commuters are the scooters that we can include in the budget category of commuter scooters. These range from $300 to $600 and people use them for everyday commute. The lifetime of these electric scooters is short, and you’ll have to give them proper maintenance and repairs over the course of their lifetime. Budget commuters are a good option if you only have a small distance to travel.
  • Premium commuters are anywhere between $600 and $1200. They almost improve everything by some extent in your electric scooter. You will really enjoy the better ride experience and bigger range due to a larger battery. Also, the premium electric scooters usually have a higher maximum weight range.
  • High Performance electric scooters are the moat expensive and the most luxury type among all the electric scooters, they are expensive, usually selling for over $1,200. They can even have dual motors to give you a higher maximum highest speed. All of the components used it them are of the highest quality, and you’ll get the most life out of them. Surely you’ll have to maintain them properly if you are to get more lifetime out of them.

These were all the different types and categories of the electric scooters that you can invest in according to your budget and needs.

Features to Look For

There are lots of different features that an electric scooter can posses, and you’ll have to see what features you desire the most, and then look for a scooter that has the required features. Here are some features that you can choose from.


It is true that some electric scooters are a better value for the price as compared to the others, but the features usually improve as we go up in price. That us why your should choose the right type of scooter from the classification we mentioned above. Additionally, you can check out the razor e300 review and the reviews of other popular electric scooters to get a good idea of price to value ratio.


By range, we mean the distance your electric scooter will cover before it completely runs out of battery. Usually, the manufacturers of all electric scooters provide you with the maximum range of their product, however, you should take that number and divide it by 2 for a more realistic number, as the manufacturers usually overestimate the range of their products. Also, never let the battery of your scooter completely die.


Weight is a huge factor to consider especially for the foldable scooters that claim to be portable. Usually, the expensive scooters tend to be more heavy. So, always buy a scooter that is lighter and is easier to carry around.