If you have just started out an excel course, a lot of things might be too confusing for you. Spreadsheets are definitely an overwhelming and can be a reason as to why some people quit before they are through with the excel training courses. If you want to avoid that, we would recommend that you start off with very basic things.

Once you have done that, then move on to the more complicated bits or else you will find yourself in a loop and it will become more and more confusing as well. So take baby steps because tackling all of excel in one day is not how you can go about it, it will become too overwhelming. The Excel IF is a power function and will also help you a lot in learning about the tool itself.

With that being said, following are some of the different types of errors that can occur in an excel spreadsheet, check them out below.

Errors in Structure

If you are facing errors in structure, you will have problem with incorrect figures. So make sure while applying the formula, all the figures are correct. In order to do so, we would always recommend that you double check the data that has been entered in the spread sheet.

Errors in Data

Another very common and human error that happens in data sheets is when you mistakenly add another number in the data or omit one. This could lead to some major problems in figures. So always double check otherwise this data error could lead to structure errors too and it will be a chain reaction.

Logical Errors

Typing an incorrect mathematical equation when in reality the figure is completely different. So make sure each cell in which you are manually putting in data has the correct equations.