Ask landlords, they’ll tell you that there definitely are a lot of benefits of hiring eviction attorneys. These lawyers don’t only come handy in the eviction cases, but they also help landlords with all the legalities of renting a property and maintaining it in the long run. To solve a dispute between you and your tenant, the lawyer can either file a case on your behalf, or defend you against the case your tenant files against you.

With all the above mentioned important duties of an eviction lawyer, it is important that you hire a good one to fulfill all of the legal duties required by you. Current tenant laws prohibit the landlords from evicting their tenants without any proper reason, so, you can use a landlord tenant attorney to prove your point in the court.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow in order to hire a good eviction attorney.

Proper Research

Before you select the right eviction attorney for your property, it is a good practice to do proper research and make a list of all the potential candidates you think would be perfect to fit your needs.

A popular method is visiting your local district bar to see the full list of registered property attorneys to later contact them personally. You can also look up on a real estate magazine to find the contact info of all the reputable eviction lawyers available in your area. Doing this, you’ll make sure that you compare both the services and fees of all the experienced lawyers before selecting the right one for your case.


Before hiring an eviction attorney for your property related matters, ask for his portfolio and analyze his overall performance before even considering him for the post. The past success rate of an eviction attorney is a good indicator of the quality of his services.