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The Right Way to Scan Films And Negatives Like a Professional

In today’s era, saving things happen in the nick of time. Tools like Google Docs that saves document as you write and renders it possible

Own The Right Equipment

A scanner is perhaps the most important and convenient method to get slides and films printed. However, the real issue lies in understanding the key fact that not every scanner that exist in the market is designed to do the job. Such printers work great with photographs and other documents but they fail to scan films properly. Therefore, looking for a slide scanner is a more feasible option if someone wants to convert the old films and slides to the digital form.

When it comes to buying a slide scanner, there is a variety that is available in the market and each one differs on the basis of quality, speed and compatibility with the device connected. Out of many different brands, the most notable ones include Epson, Nikon and Plustek.

Getting Started

The basic goal of scanning slides and films to digital format is to turn a piece of film into a digital file that can be preserved for future generations and also to save them from deterioration or accidental loss. This is done by conveying electronic signals via an electric cable that in turn connects a scanner with the computer. However, for a more professional outcome, it is better to understand the scanner’s software and minor details regarding toning and resolution settings.

Here’s How You Can Get iMessage on Your Personal Computer

Typically, iMessage can only be used by Apple users; those who use an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac and there’s no version for the feature to be used on Windows. However, there are certain tools that allow a window user to operate iMessage on their personal computers or laptops. In this way, if a person does not have access to their iPhone or Apple device, they can still check their iMessage on their PCs.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one way to use iMessage for Windows 10. It is one plug-in for Google Chrome browser that lets two computers to share one common screen and in this way an iMessage can be checked on windows while being connected to Mac.

To use the chrome remote desktop tool, once the browser is downloaded, the plug-in is added to both the computer and MAC. Then, the plug in host installer is installed on the MacBook and code is received on it. This code is then added to Windows’ plugin to display Macbook on windows PC.

iPadian 2

This method is for those individuals who do not own a Macbook and can receive iMessage on Windows. iPadian 2 is itself an iOS emulator that can imitate the iOS technology on the Windows computer. To use iPadian, the program is downloaded, installed and launched on PC. From its app store, iMessage is downloaded and then it can be used just like any iOS user.


This method requires jailbreaking the iOS device and has two drawbacks. First is that the new versions of iOS does not allow the iPhone to be jailbroken. The second is that jailbreaking is a risky procedure and cause misconfiguration, corruption of firmware or hardware issues that can result in non-functioning on the phone.

The IMEI Checker

Before anything else, you need to know what an IMEI checker is. You might have come across this term many times without knowing its exact meaning. The IMEI is a serial number that is used by phone companies in order to track your phone’s status. With this number, the original carrier of the phone can decide whether the phone should be on their network base or not.

The IMEI is unique, as a different number is assigned to each smart phone. Each produced iPhone gets its own sixteen or fifteen digit number, which is the identifier code.

So why should an IMEI checker be used? This checking service finds out information about your phone. This is a reason why you should get the IMEI number from whomever you purchase the phone from. This will help you fining information about the phone and its previous carrier before purchase. If you find out that the hone is blacklisted, it would safer to not buy it.

The IMEI checker will display information like; the serial number, locked carrier, the purchase date, whether it is blacklisted and the warranty history. For iPhone users, there are certain ways of finding the IMEI. Most phones have a very simple method to it; you simply dial a number and the IMEI comes up instantly.

This is the fastest and most reliable way to get the IMEI in one go. The IMEI number is usually printed on the back side of the iPhone, in the SIM tray. However, the SIM tray is changeable so it is better to double check the number on it with the number in the settings of the phone.

If you find the whole process too hard to handle on your own, then you can If you want to research about different unlocking services, then you can visit this link for more information.

This Flaw Can Destabilize Your Kaby Lake CPU

Intel has been selling it’s hyper-threading CPUs like hot cakes for over a decade now. This technology just perfectly worked for many people as some flaws and errors that appeared in Windows 2000 and Windows XP were fixed by some important updates.

A major Hyper-Threading flaw has now been discovered in Intel’s new Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs, the flaw can cause your system to behave improperly, corrupt your data, or even crash unexpectedly. This issue was first reported as verified by some of the major community forums. You can go to a valuable article via this link to read the features of Kaby Lake in detail.

Any Ways to Fix The Flaw?

Yes, there are two ways in which you can fix this flaw. One is, obviously, disabling the hyper-threading altogether to get rid of the error.

The second fix isn’t really in your hands. It basically means living with the flaw and waiting for your motherboard manufacturer to release a new BIOS update that includes the fix for this problem. This is an easier method, but requires more patience. Depending on your motherboard manufacturer, the update might already be out, so, check out some online forums to conform.

More Details of The Problem

Apart from the motherboard manufacturers, Intel itself has released some new microcode updates to fix the issue, but the code needs to be integrated into the board’s UEFI to work properly and avoid any further flaws. While the issue is irritating and must be fixed as soon as possible, it doesn’t affect any software running on your computer.

Should You Even Upgrade in The First Place?

You should definitely try this new, updated and power efficient CPU by Intel, there’s so much for you to explore and enjoy. However, the choice is completely yours.

Different Types of Errors That Can Occur in an Excel Spreadsheet

If you have just started out an excel course, a lot of things might be too confusing for you. Spreadsheets are definitely an overwhelming and can be a reason as to why some people quit before they are through with the excel training courses. If you want to avoid that, we would recommend that you start off with very basic things.

Once you have done that, then move on to the more complicated bits or else you will find yourself in a loop and it will become more and more confusing as well. So take baby steps because tackling all of excel in one day is not how you can go about it, it will become too overwhelming. The Excel IF is a power function and will also help you a lot in learning about the tool itself.

With that being said, following are some of the different types of errors that can occur in an excel spreadsheet, check them out below.

Errors in Structure

If you are facing errors in structure, you will have problem with incorrect figures. So make sure while applying the formula, all the figures are correct. In order to do so, we would always recommend that you double check the data that has been entered in the spread sheet.

Errors in Data

Another very common and human error that happens in data sheets is when you mistakenly add another number in the data or omit one. This could lead to some major problems in figures. So always double check otherwise this data error could lead to structure errors too and it will be a chain reaction.

Logical Errors

Typing an incorrect mathematical equation when in reality the figure is completely different. So make sure each cell in which you are manually putting in data has the correct equations.

Reasons Why People Prefer Using Torrents

Whenever it comes to viewing multimedia files, a lot of people prefer buying things through official sources. However, not everyone is able to afford these things and that is where the role of torrents tend to come in. They are great for people who want to get the best possible quality but not pay for it. Although controversial, often illegal and looked down upon, torrents can be very convenient. Yes, we admit that they are not the best source of attaining things but there are some legitimate reasons as to why people prefer using torrents as well.

If you want to know more about torrents then we would recommend that you click on this link and check it out. With that being said, following are a couple of legitimate reasons as to why people prefer using torrents, check them out below.

To Get Past Censorship

In a lot of countries around the world, many art forms are either banned or they aren’t available at their full form. So the best way or the workaround to these censorship rules is by downloading the desired thing off a torrent website. They will not only give you the full version but also help you in attaining films, books that have been banned in your country or have redacted versions available only.

To Get Access For Free

In a lot of countries of the world, people do not have the means to access things through official channels and have to resort to torrent websites to get free access to these items. For instance, in a country like Pakistan buying digital music through official channels is not possible anymore because of geolock policies and therefore the only way of accessing these music files is through torrents.