questions to ask in a personal injury case

Filing a personal injury claim and getting compensated for your injury caused by someone else’s negligence is your right. But assessing the total value of your personal injury claim is also an important step if you want to demand that money from the insurance company.

Usually, there are three main things that determine the value of a personal injury case. Here are a brief explanation of all three of those that you can consider before hiring personal injury attorneys in Miami.


In liability, you have to establish the fault of the defendant in a case. If the accident is caused completely due to someone else’s negligence, you have a chance to get fully compensated. But if the accident is your fault, you might get nothing for your complaint.

There is also a thing called comparative negligence. In this system, you get paid according to the percentage of your fault in the accident.


Severely of damages that you are suffering from also determines the value of your personal injury claim. If you are injured to any extent due to someone else’s fault, then he has to pay to get you back right where you were (physically) before the accident.

If no damage is caused in an accident, your personal injury claim will have no value. However, if the damage is bug and can not be fixed, the defendant will have to pay more money to make up for it.

Insurance Coverage

The main factor to consider in a personal injury claim is seeing of the defendant has enough insurance coverage to pay for the damages caused. If the person has adequate insurance, then you will easily get compensated by the insurance company.

But in some cases, the defendant might not have enough insurance coverage to pay for your damages. In this case, your compensation will be limited to the limits of the defendant’s insurance policy.