50 gallon fish tank

Aquatic plants require source of light as well as nutrients in order to grow, just like our regular plants, the roots of aquatic plants require soil, we cannot put soil in our freshwater tank and there are so many reasons behind it, first of all even the if the aquatic plants survive in the normal soil, it will create a lot of dirt and it will cause two things, the fish might get sick and one thing it will do for sure is that it will make the aquarium look murky and really dirty, it will not look like a freshwater aquarium which is clean and fresh with bright fishes but rather give the look of a swamp.

Selecting the right type of commercial soil for aquarium is important for the biological filtration process, the right type of substrate for freshwater is made up for material which has the right properties to grow good bacteria and combat the debris, food leftover and wastes of fishes which all clot up at the bottom of the aquarium, normal soil just wouldn’t do that or substandard substrate will not be able to perform this filtration job properly and the lives of the aquatic animals might then be at risk.

It is important to create an environment which mimics the natural habitat of the different types of fishes, since gravel, commercial soil or substrates are available in different type of material and colors, it gives you the option to create an environment for different breeds of fishes that you have in your beautiful aquarium, substrate not only helps the fishes but it encourages the growth of aquatic plants, once you have selected the right plants for your aquarium it becomes essential to buy the right type of substrate which will help its growth.