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Glamping is a great way for semi adventurous travelers to explore the nature and spend some quality time outdoors. By semi adventurous, we mean a person that loves travelling, but still prefers to have the comfort of his house or a hotel.

If you are curious about glamping, here are some questions that you should ask before planning your next glamping adventure. Knowing more and following the experts like Marina Villatoro always helps you prevent and get out of unexpected situations.

What Are The Security Measures?

Before setting up a glamp, you must consider its security infrastructure. How travelers structure will be locked, and what type of security measures are in place. If you are worried about theft, you can leave your valuables back at home.

Additionally, if your glamping structure has a fire pit, you should also know more about fire safety, and how you will tackle with such unexpected situations.

What Things Should I Bring With Me?

Amenities provided at glamping sites are countless. You will have lots of things in place for you already, and many will be available for you to buy if you so need. Before booking a glamping site, see what type of amenities are already provided. Additionally, ask them if there is a store nearby from which you can buy rest of the needed things that you do not want to bring with you.

Pay attention on smaller yet important things that you can’t live without. You can search online for smarter tips. The best way is making a checklist.

Are Pets Allowed?

Before bringing your pet to the glamping site, make sure that pets are allowed. If they are, there should be a dedicated area for the pets to relieve themselves.

Additionally, if you are not an animal person, see if pets are allowed at the glamping site. Checking with on or off leash policy is also a good idea.