If you are someone who has been given the task to help and lead a team of designers and so that you can make it big in the industry then you need to know it is not an easy task. Especially since most designers are used to working solo and have very little experience with teams, however, trends are changing nowadays. Especially in a lot of diverse fields we have a collaborative approach being formed. So if you want to succeed you will have to get with the times and make it easier on yourself as well.

So in this article we will be discussing some of the different phases that you will be dealt with while working with designer and leading them as a team so they can go out there and make the best possible products for their designated companies. Mostly we will be focusing on what you have to do as a leader in situations where product designers are concerned and the trends in the industry are shifting to a collaborative approach. With that being said, let’s check some of them out below.

#1 Write Down Your Goals

The first thing that needs to be done while leading any kind of team is to make sure you have certain goals. Write them down and put them up as a reminder so that you are working towards the idea of what a perfect design team should look like. Keep them up and check them off in your mental list so that you know you are making progress with it. Having that reminder does help in staying on track as a leader.

#2 Ask For Their Input

While you know that most designers prefer to work alone, you cannot form a team without instilling some sense of responsibility in them. So make sure to be less authoritative towards them and ask them for their input. It will definitely help you in creating a team that wants to give out their opinions and know that it will be heard. Of course, no one likes a leader that just rules and gives orders all the time, sometimes it is completely okay to take the back burner and let your designers have the creative freedom. Ask each one of them for their input and then do a vote count to see which one work.

Lead through a better example and always ask questions when you’re unsure about something. This will give the designers a sense that their opinions matter and are actually taken into consideration. But also do not hold back from putting your foot down on certain aspects like not compromising on quality of the products.

#3 Always Acknowledge Your Failure

While working on something, do not just write your own set of goals, ask them about theirs and then go with an approach that you will know work. This way they will be able to come out of their shell and be more comfortable in being candid with you while also following the professional boundaries.

Define and redefine the rules as you move forward. If there is something genuinely wrong with your ideas, acknowledge them and always go with what unanimous votes tend to say. Always hold briefings and do not finalize plans early on and if you do, admit it when it is your mistake instead of blaming your subordinates.