Smelly Pipe




Nº 1

What brings a critical mind to speak of design with delight, derision or disbelief? What makes a critic jump for joy? Or fall to their knees in despair? For design to go from “like” to “love” there have to be risks. “Nice” is no longer enough when reputations and profits are on the line.

For it’s highly anticipated follow-up issue, That New Design Smell nº1 will offer articles, images and projects that express real love.

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Nº 0

Editor & Creative Director—Michèle Champagne
Web Concept & Design—Lennart Bruger
Co-conspirators—Daniel van der Velden / Metahaven and Gert Dumbar Contributors—Cedric Flazinski, Anja Groten, Femke Herregraven and Jason Mortlock



That New Design Smell is an experiment in smart and fun conversations on design. It takes the form of a critical design magazine driven by dialogue, rather than monologue. It experiments with open content, where contributors engage with an active online public. Dialogue is then edited into a printed magazine you can hold in your hands.

In 2010, the magazine began as a thesis proposal at Rietveld Academie’s Sandberg Institute with the goal of thwarting design’s mandatory optimism and ‘likedy-like’ mafia. While there are many obvious approaches to infusing critical thinking in design, some are too easily dismissed. More monologues are ignored. Academics used to own criticism, but now—with blogs and forums—they belong to everyone. Yet, more often than not, design coverage online is short, shallow and trite, and professional blogs may be smarter but their public relations are too obvious.

As an alternative, That New Design Smell introduces an independent venue for design criticism and dialogue in a post-medium fashion. If offers a dirty yet diligent dialogue online and a batterie-free product in print.

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